Minecraft 1.17 Edible Weapons Mod


Creating a mod using Java 1.8 and Forge which allows players to craft a variety of weapons from edible ingredients

- Learning the forge 1.17 libraries
- Designing my mod for extensibility

I can eat these?!?!

Sometimes your solution appears before the problem and can make documenting your project very difficult. This is what happened with this particular project. I want to create a mod for minecraft that would have a simple premise so that I could focus on learning the Forge 1.17 mdk without becoming overwhelmed.

The idea for this project came after I was watching clips from UberHaxor Nova playing the Aether mod from waaay back in the day. It took one quote for me to find a direction to point my motivation in.

Thats a lot of weapons, man

I started out first, by identifying which foods I wanted to base my weapons off of. To begin, I chose Wheat, Potatos, Carrots, and Beetroots all of which can be obtained from the overworld. Afterwords, I had some fun choosing the different weapons I wanted to try and implement. In the end I came up with:


This was all fine and dandy, but creating each individual icon for each weapon by hand would be painfully slow. In order to not fall asleep at my desk coloring in pixels, I decided to create an algorithm using Java to procedurally generate the weapons for me! This way, I would only need to provide the color palette, weapon type, and food type to generate each weapon automatically.

The final product

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